The Louvre II in Lens

and more than 60 museums in the area


Cities of Art and History

Saint-Omer, Cambrai, Lille, Boulogne-sur-mer...


Our assets in the region

In Nord-Pas de Calais, always, to see big is a habit! Big in size: giants, belfries and mills. Large in density: braderies, parties and shows. Big in projects: synonyms of audacity, imagination and hope. To see big, you need visionaries with giant ideas! This was the case in 1974, for example, following the closure of mines and centenary factories: we had to look to the future. Elected officials have anticipated, Pierre Mauroy in mind. Capitalizing on culture was one of the great solutions to the announced economic crisis. Thus were born, over the years, the National Orchestra of Lille then the Opera of Lille, the Atelier lyrique de Tourcoing, ... live shows (theater, music, dance, street arts, ...). For example: The Key of Songs (the only structure of this type in France or how to democratize the Opera under the windows of the inhabitants). Since then, this desire to see the big picture continues: - Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture then Lille XXXL and Lille 3000 - The Louvre in Lens - The Pompidou Mobile Center in Cambrai and Boulogne - The coaches of Versailles in Arras - An antenna of the Arab World Institute in Roubaix-Tourcoing - Regional Capitals of Culture (Valenciennes 2007, Bethune 2011, Dunkerque 2013) Everywhere the public responds massively, again and again !

The Belfries

Signs of recognition and pride, the belfries are numerous in the region. Symbolizing the history and the importance of their communes, they are at the same time point of reference, point of rallying and synonyms of festive activities. It is also, very often, the quick visualization of the city center and the location of the town hall. No need for GPS, the belfry is seen from far! Do not be surprised, some holidays: projectiles are thrown from the belfries to the crowd! Nothing warrior, just a festive tradition!


The region is recognized as a region of museums and cultural events! In 2012, the greatest museums and the most beautiful masterpieces of the world made a stop in Nord-Pas de Calais, for a few weeks, a few months, or forever: the Louvre in Lens, the Institute of the World Arab in Roubaix-Tourcoing, Pompidou mobile in Cambrai then in Boulogne-sur-Mer and Versailles in Arras with his exhibition "Roulez carrosses !"

Land of discoveries and recreation for all

The region Nord-Pas-de-Calais is full of treasures.
Walkers, holidaymakers, hikers, day visitors, are often "blown away" by so many unexpected things: panoramas, explosions of colors, preserved spaces, rich heritage, museums, ... The opportunities to appreciate the region are many !
It is necessary to see the beaches of fine sand, the dunes as far as the eye can see, and to listen seagulls and singing wind. Sit on a sand yacht and get drunk with speed. See the site of the two caps and have a gasp. Discover exceptional fauna and flora of regional natural parks. Climb the summits of the classified mountains and savor a regional dish at the foot of a mill . Slide on a lake and hear its sail snapping in the wind.
Participate in multiple festivals, shows and cultural events. Vibrate with the colorful crowd on big game or festival evenings. Visit museums , belfries, fortified towns, lighthouses and harbors. Get swept away by the carnival bands ... and get out there ready to do it again. To rub the giants and their bearers ... and to dance with them a pas de deux. What to want to come, come back, understand this region Nord-Pas de Calais. A region, and its inhabitants, able to welcome all the tourists, whether they are strollers, walkers, wise spectators, businessmen or simply curious ... Welcome to our home!

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