Thierry Wident, an ambassador from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

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A resident of Aire-sur-la-Lys and a native of Longuenesse, Thierry Wident is known in Isbergues for being the restorer of the Buffet. Whether at work or in daily life, he is an advocate for his region and the good products he uses in his kitchen.

The chef is attached to the family character of his business. Three people in the dining room and three others in the kitchen shoulder the Wident couple. Working together, "it's essential," insists the cook. It was with his wife Christine that he took over the Buffet de la Gare at the end of 1981. "We bought it from the SNCF. At the time, it was a coffee-dish of the day. We did some work and then we opened early 82 ". Thierry Wident was then 22 years old, he passed by some beautiful kitchens at the end of the Le Touquet hotel school (Moulin de Mombreux in Saint-Omer and the Ambassador in Arras), but "I wanted to be my own chef".

The masterpiece in cooking since 40 years with a passion still intact.

"When I see people who are 85 or 90 years old who were already coming at the beginning and still coming ... You can not say that it makes a big family, it's not that,
but it's still people who are part of your life. "

To maintain

At age 60, despite more than 30 years of experience , he continues to train.
"We learn every day. It's infinite. "

From his country of Audomarois, close to Flanders and Artois, Thierry will make you discover spontaneous cuisine that evolves with the seasons. A generous cuisine where the natural flavors of the soil are exhilarated. It's a team of professionals who innovate for your pleasure.

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